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EEPM-C Series EEPM-2030C-220V EEPM-2525C-220V EEPM-2530C-380V~440V
Application & Specification        
  EEPM-2030C Series > EEPM-2530C-220V
Standard Accessories : Induction soft block (EEPM-IB425 *2PCS)

Convenience and Accuracy : The induction blocks screwed on the magnetic chuck are replaceable and consumable accessories. You can fine grinding the surface or forming induction blocks according to requirements of workpiece by the machine directly that the parallelism of induction blocks can be 100% with the machine and the 5-sided machining can be easily conducted.

Chuck Connection Cable (3 types for options):

MODEL NO. EEPM-CC05:500mm ; EEPM-CC10:1000mm ; EEPM-CC15:1500mm.